My oDesk Debit Mastercard

My  oDesk debit Mastercard finally arrived!          mydebitcard

I’m ecstatic!  I received my oDesk debit Mastercard (powered by Payoneer today.  After having been approved June 4th, I will finally have the chance to use my debit card to taste the fruits of my virtual labor.

I started working online via oDesk on May 26, 2009, although I became a member in  April of the same year.  That means I got my first online job more than a month after.

I have tried searching the web for online jobs a year ago, but my frustrations caught on me due to articles I read about other peoples’ experiences of being scammed. Google online jobs and you will be presented with millions of websites offering and promising easy money as a freelancer. From what I’ve read, there are so many unscrupulous websites offering online jobs, promising big bucks earnings.  Some of these would claim that you can earn $5000-$10000 in a week or less, some even have the temerity to entice you to try their methods which will make you rich doing nothing but sit…..I repeat, you do nothing but sit back and relax and your money grows tremendously.  Can you believe that?  For the money greedy individual, these enticements are effective come-ons.  What they usually offer you is for you to invest some amount in membership then you will be led to a site or sent an email instructing where you can download their so called “secret weapon” at earning tons of cash.  They make it appear that there is no risk, since they offer free items valued at $$$$$$, with money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the product, at the same time keep the free items.  How will they do it?  You are asked to fill in electronic forms stating personal circumstances, then your payment method, usually credit card or Paypal account information.  Next, you receive email notification bearing download procedures and codes, then you can already access the “secret weapon” which are nothing but tons and tons of e-books of how-to’s.  Very convenient  isn’t it?  If you are not vigilant and give in to these scam maniacs, you’ll soon find out that you are being billed regularly for nothing but trash, since you can search on these topics in the web anyway, for free, as long as you want.

I nearly gave in to this system in one of the websites.  I filled out their form with my personal details, including my credit card details.  I was about to click on the submit button when my little girl suddenly called me for some assistance in installing anti-virus in her desktop.  That bid me some time to think if it was wise to subscribe.  Is it really possible to earn big bucks doing nothing but sleep, eat, travel leisurely, and at the same time your  virtual cash register keeps on filling with cash?  While that is the lifestyle that everybody aims for, those who are in that status worked really hard and made lots of sacrifices in order to attain their goal and state of life.  There’s nothing more fulfilling than earning your money the hard way,  that is, investing your time and energy in a job that reasonably pays you based on your output and performance.  Well, I prefer this method….slowly but surely, so to speak.

So, when I returned to my virtual desk I canceled the transaction.  And thanks to my little girl, Hannah.    My guardian angel did a good job by using my child to keep me from possible scam.  Sometimes, when our kids distract or disturb us at a time when we are deep into our jobs, we soon realize that such a disturbance is a blessing in disguise.



25 thoughts on “My oDesk Debit Mastercard

  1. Hi Jenn,

    Thanks for visiting. Well, as to payment methods for Pinoy Providers, I recommend both Payoneer and Paypal. If you need immediate cash or card purchase then Payoneer is the best choice. If you’re not in a hurry, Paypal is good especially when you need huge amount of money and deposit it in your bank account. They vary though in the amount of charges. Check it out with your bank.

    I use my Payoneer for grocery and personal purchases in accredited Mastercard merchant stores because there are no charges. Only when I need cash that I use it in ATMs that allow Mastercard withdrawals.

    Ate V

    • Hi,

      May I ask if Paypal worked for you in oDesk? I need to verify if they’re good since I read a bitter former contractor that talks a lot of negative info with oDesk but the concern is the funds transfer from oDesk to Paypal… Did you encounter any issues with funds transfer from oDesk to Paypal if you have used it?


      • Hello, thanks for your visit. I never had any problem withdrawing my earnings from oDesk into my Paypal account but I have not tried withdrawing from Paypal into my local bank account. I only use Paypal to pay for online purchases. My oDesk friends who have tried withrawing from Paypal into their bank told me it takes 2-3 days to reflect in their savings account.

  2. Ah.. oo nga. Naalala ko na pala. May nagsabi na rin pala sa kin nyan. 🙂 salamat po sa pagsagot!

    Wala kong trabaho ngayon sa odesk e. haha. mas sinisipag na ko magblog sa page ko kahit walang sahod. hehehe.

  3. Actually, I am more comfortable with Payoneer Mastercard…only that the withdrawal charge is more expensive than Paypal….

  4. Hi Ate V.

    Got your link from Paulette Quinto’s site. Actually, ang hinahanap ko eh yung requirements ng BDO. Tinatamad lang ako pumunta ng branch kaya nag google na lang. At yun nga, nakita ko ang odesk. eto, katatapos ko lang po mag update ng profile. babasahin ko afterwards yung mga entries ninyo. Kasi so far, yung kay Paulette, tapos ko na =)

    Mukhang enjoy mag odesk ah. salamat sa inspiration.


    • Hi Ash!
      Thanks for droppin’ by my humble blog….and I’m glad that you got inspired of my stories here….Yes, working at oDesk is kinda fun, at the same time we learn a lot of stuff….
      Feel free to drop by anytime and share your oDesk experience, too…

      Ate Veren

  5. Nice blog po, tanung ko lang kung ang payoneer po ba ay libre.. i mean pagmag aaply ka ng card.. atsaka po paano icancel ang payoneer..and magkano po ang monthly fee nito.. super newbie lang po kasi ako dito thx for answering! 🙂

    • Hi Jaz, thanks for your visit…..Please check the Payoneer tab which I have just added. In there you will see what charges you may incur if you use Payoneer Debit Mastercard. You do not have to pay for it when it arrives, but when you are going to activate it so that you can load your funds to it, the activation fee will be deducted from your funds.

  6. Hello po! I hope My mom will also learn this but unfortunately she was to busy with her business.. hehe.. I do use paypal because I think it is much cheaper. Ang mahal po kasi ng activation ng Payoneer ehh.. 🙂 Though Payoneer is really handy if you need a quick cash.. 🙂

    Anyways, I am also here to ask if we could exchange our links? I have a blog called oDesk 101. My aim is to give some tips to other providers and share my experience as well. 🙂 I am quite new and odesk really did help me earn some decent money so I want to share it. 🙂 Thank you and more power to you.

  7. I have mine too pero hindi ko pa ginagamit kasi its better na sa paypal nalang para derecho sa bank and you won’t have to withdraw it.. mahirap pa if hawak yung money.. baka magamit sa shopping 😀

  8. salut tout le monde j ai eux ma carte mastercard et je l ai activer que sur internet mais je voix qu il faut l activer avec le minimum 20 dollar
    es ce que en travaillant avec odesk ou d aprés une autre carte visa ou mastercard
    merci de m aider svp

    • Hi Mohamed,
      Thank you for your visit. I will try to answer your question even if I have a very very very limited knowledge of the French language.

      My understanding of your inquiry is that you have gotten your debit Mastercard and went ahead to activate it through the internet and opted to speed up the activation for a fee of $20? Did I get that right?

      But if you are asking whether working at oDesk will cost you $20 when you withdraw your earnings and load it into your debit mastercard then some fees will be charged for activation fee, loading fee, maintenance fee…..then another fee when you withdraw the money from your bank account.

      I hope I answered your question.


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  10. Hi there Cuz,

    I am so impressed with your achievement…As usual , you again proved your best at virtual works(“5 star general”)…Wish you more contracts on your way….Thanks by the way for your tip on payment method. Love yah!

    • Welcome to freelancing cuz! This early, I’d like to advice you to be patient…and keep on applying to jobs that best fits into your expertise. God bless!

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