Another Job Opportunity



jobI applied to a job post the other day.  I was among the first 30 candidates.  The requirement of the client deals with accounting and administration.  Since the job does not require full time, and that I still have some to spare, I deemed it best to send an application.  The employer replied and encouraged me to undergo an interview.  He sent a series of interview questions for me to answer.  The questions ranged from inquiry on my experience in Accounting, Wiki documentations and Gorilla and Bugzilla marketing.  I sent my reply to the questions at once. I believe this is  a preliminary interview, and another voice or IM interview to follow.  I waited for a day and there is no response from the employer.  As I was going through my candidacies list, I noted that he has not hired any of the applicants as yet.  At that time, there were already 62 applicants.   Well, it takes time especially if an employer needs to go through many applications and assess applicant qualifications and suitability to the particular job.  At the back of my mind, I was thinking that maybe he has chosen to hire somebody else and is undergoing the chat interview.  That’s okay.  I am confident that I will have another assignment  which will fit into my schedule.

Just a couple of minutes ago, I received an email from the employer.  “Hello Verena, I am a bit disappointed that I haven’t receive a reply to your interview questions yet.  Out of all the applicants I was really looking forward to see your reply.  Even though I note that you currently have a full-time job which might make this position unsuitable for you, I would still encourage you to take a few minutes and reply to the interview.  Warmest regards, L. J. “

I responded to the email at once, informing him that I sent my answers to the interview questions via the oDesk message center.  Apparently, it did not reach his inbox.  Be that as it may, I sent my answers a second time.  (Hmmm….It pays to be saving a copy, especially for stuff as long as this one.  I simply had to copy paste the text into my email.)   I also thanked him for taking time out, despite his busy schedule, to follow up on my reply.  Seldom do employers do this.  Most of the time, its the other way around.  I can only suspect that I made a really good first impression.  After all, I labored to make  my oDesk profile complete and comprehensive, and sent a well crafted cover letter addressing the employer’s specific job requirements.  Well, I’m crossing my fingers for now.  I hope the employer will be satisfied with my answers, be convinced that I can do the job to his expectations, and eventually hire me.  Just in case, this will be another part time job, added to my 5 current contracts.

(Click here to read what happened to this job application.)



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