Employer Goes The Extra Mile


It’s been more than a week since I posted an article about my milestones. I have lots of things in mind to share here but I am currently working on meeting some deadlines. I am on track so far, and so let’s keep the ball rolling….

Gaining good feedback from ended contracts is like receiving a medal during commencement exercises in school. It will show the quality of a contractor you are.

When two of my contracts were successfully ended last July 27, one Employer was able to leave a good feedback, but the other missed. I sent him an email reminding him of the allotted period for leaving feedback but there was no response. He is a quality employer and in his jobs profile, he always left feedback to contractors in his team. Naturally, I felt bad because I know I also deserve one.

Almost three weeks after (August 14), the employer sent me an email, “I am sorry to have overlooked this Verena. I have been away. I will do what I can to give this feedback now.”

It was too late. The period allotted for feedback has ended. I waited though, hoping he could request oDesk to allow the ended contract to receive his feedback. Days passed but my work history remained with only 1 feeback but 2 ended contracts. Last September 10 (or 26 days after), I received another email from the employer, “Hello Verena, I meant to leave you feedback at the end of the job but missed the 14-day window. Can you enable me to change your feedback? I believe if you enable it, I can go in and leave feedback for you.”

I contacted oDesk Support (Live Chat) at once and inquired about it. Here was the transcript:

odesk support and live chat

Barbara: Hello, Verena. Can I help you with anything today?
Verena : Yes…my buyer whose assignment had ended failed to leave feedback and missed the 14-day period….he contacted me today and want me to reset it because he wants to leave me a feedback…how is this possible? thanks for any help…
Barbara: Yes
Barbara: Just point to your My Jobs tab and select Assignments.
Barbara: Click on the Ended tab there
Barbara: Find the job on the list
Verena : ok, I’m there….
Barbara: Over to far right under Feedback/Actions column, select “View Details” and click on the blue text next to first Comment line: “Click here to enable buyer to change feedback”
Barbara: Even though they didn’t leave any to change, this will enable them to leave feedback now.
Verena : i see…thank you, I will respond to the buyer and tell him that it is already enabled and he can leave feedback now….
Barbara: You’re welcome! Is there anything else today?
Verena : no, that is all for now…..that was fast and I thank you very much for it….
Barbara: You’re very welcome! Thanks for contacting the oDesk Customer Success Team. Goodbye.
Barbara: Barbara exited session.

(Because I was very satisfied with the performance of Barbara, for being able to address my concern that fast, I gave her the highest score. She deserves it.)

I emailed the employer then, and informed him that the feedback facility has been enabled. In a minute, the employer responded, “Hi Verena, We were able to go in and leave feedback for you. Thanks again” I responded with a thank you message and appreciation of his efforts.

And, the feedback score that he left me?



I got my other “medal” at last. My hard work paid off with another star in my oDesk badge.

I appreciate what the employer did, as he went the extra mile to leave me a good feedback.

“Sow a good seed, and reap good harvest.”

Read here how I got my first job.



10 thoughts on “Employer Goes The Extra Mile

  1. Hi there!

    I applaud you for making this blog for Odesk people,,I’ve been working in Odesk for 1 year and a half now and still going strong..I wish you more jobs and keep up the good work, 🙂

    • Hello fellow oDesker!
      Thank you so much for the visit….I share my success with all of you.
      Wow! You’ve survived that long….you must be doing great in your job yourself.
      Congratulations! Would you mind sharing to us your experiences? Thanks!

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