A Taste (and Test) of the oDesk Guaranteed Payment



This post is long overdue.  I should have posted this a month ago, but due to the demands in my current assignments it stayed in my draft box for quite sometime. Today, I managed to “sneak out” from my Employers in order to update my blog.

More than a month ago, I got a notification from oDesk that one of my assignments got suspended due to the Employer’s credit card problems.

I’ll try to wait until the Employer resolves the issue.  He asked me to get another project for the time being  while his company undergo restructuring, but that I should be available to work again with him as soon as the business resumes.  I agreed but that I cannot promise to still be available for him. I offered to help him look for a good Contractor when he gets back, however, he asked me to forget the idea and to hang on for a little bit more. He told me that he needs me in the project as he assured that the business restructuring will be completed very soon.

My earnings in that assignment for the week before it got suspended was a total of $329. I didn’t  feel a bit worried that I will not get paid because I was counting on oDesk’s guaranteed payment for hourly jobs.  If the Employer will not make good his account then  oDesk will be the one to pay.  And oDesk came true with its guarantee.  I got my hard earned money within schedule.

Thank you, oDesk!

Had this assignment been on a fixed price, I would have cried in frustration because it’s one of those not covered by the guarantee (along with offline hours).  I always give my best in any job and I work hard to meet my Buyer’s expectations.  I deserve to get paid.  I don’t think  I’d ever work on fixed price jobs.  Better be safe than sorry.

The Employer sent me an email last week, and he kept reassuring me that the restructuring is nearing completion and the assignment will soon resume. He thanked me for my patience. I thanked him, too, for still considering me for his projects, and that I am working on some other stuff. So, I will just cross my fingers for now. Meantime, I have to get new projects.

I tried visiting the job search the other week.  Since one of my “as needed” jobs ended, I wanted to replenish my “cup board” of assignments to maintain my self-imposed quota of 6 assignments.  I applied to one of those legal jobs posted (Legal VA). Not an hour passed and I got invited to interview.  I responded to the Employer’s request, and after a few email exchanges, I was hired for the job.

One legal job ended but another has begun.

I have my hands full again!

Thanks God!



14 thoughts on “A Taste (and Test) of the oDesk Guaranteed Payment

  1. Hi Ate V! Happy New Year…

    Ate V nakareceived ako ng email kaninang umaga.. Yung isang assignment ko suspended din.. Dapat po ba akong mag email sa client? Tsaka anu po ba dapat kong gawin?

    Thanks Ate V.

    • Hi, happy new year, too!
      For sure the buyer was also notified by odesk about the suspension. You may also contact the buyer if you want, but don’t agree on working on the assignment while it is suspended because that is against odesk policy….

  2. Hi, I’ve a question here. I’m also a oDesk provider. One of my recent assignments got suspended 2 days earlier. I know oDesk will guarantee you the hourly payments on scheduled time. But I have some offline hours billed to this assignment. The offline hours were billed the day before the assignment was suspended (May be due to buyers Payment Method). Will I get the amount billed (Offline Hours) on scheduled date? Can you please clarify me? Thanks in advance!

    • Hi RZaman,
      Thanks for your visit. And as to your query, I don’t think oDesk will shoulder the offline hours billed. It does not matter if these were billed before the suspension. Just like fixed hour assignments, all offline hours are not guaranteed. I hope that your buyer will be able to fix the problem so that he can pay you the offline hours. Good luck in your odesk jobs, and keep up the good work.

  3. hi Ate V,

    been reading some of your odesk blog and im really greatful that there are people like you who are willing to help especially the newbies – like me. i have just started in this odesk thing a week ago and hopefully would be able to find a job.. i have also read your neophyte part 1 and 2. i feel the same excitement as you do looking for buyers job bid.

    can i ask how the virtual assistant work?

    thanks and God bless!

    • Hello there Rita,
      Welcome to freelancing online with oDesk. And yes, its been a while since I updated my blog because I’m tied up with a lot of jobs. I’m sure you will get the hang of it very soon. Keep on applying to jobs that fit into your skill set. I suppose you already have completed your profile and have detailed all the skills you’ve got?

      As to Virtual Assistant (VA/PA) jobs, well, you get to work from home, and if you already have experience working in the real business world as an administrative assistant, office clerk/supervisor/manager, or paralegal, etc. then you can work as such but remotely. In a VA capacity, you get to provide administrative, secretarial, and clerical support, as well as creative and/or technical services for a client (Buyer).

      • I see… i haven’t tried applying for that position though… thanks a lot for the info… 🙂

        • ooppss! i forgot to include, yes i have done my profile but with changes and modification several times every time i log on. can you believe that! and just by being a provider for only a week! been doing some trial and error profile management. lol!

  4. It’s good to know that despite your schedule, you still find time to help ODesk newbies. I know I can ask a question from you someday. 🙂

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