In Between Family and oDesk



k1426318I enjoy my job and when I am at it I give my undivided attention.  There are times when I want to work longer hours but my body and motherly duties can’t seem to cope up.  In those times when I feel exhausted, I usually take a power nap.  Sometimes, I just sit beside my aquarium and watch the fishes go by, snipping at the pellets that I drop.  Just listening to the gentle sound of the waters and watching them swim leisurely, gives a calming effect.  Other times, I get to my stationary bike for the needed stretching, or call my favorite massage lady for a whole body massage.

I have been very busy with my oDesk assignments, trying my best to finish up my backlog.  It’s been very tiring, juggling from one assignment to another, but I need to catch up.  As of last night, the only thing left to be done in one of the assignments is the bank reconciliation.  The scanned bank statements (bank feed not available) are still yet to be sent to me by the Employer.  This means, I have some spare time to do other things that interest me.

Before oDesk, most of my days were spent on my motherly duties and home chores.  When there is time in between, I surf piano-violinthe web just to chat with friends and relatives or download videos and music.  At other times, I work on my hobbies – baking, cross stitching, quilting, painting, writing.   I also tried learning how to play the piano (my favorite musical instrument, along with the violin), but the piano doesn’t seem to like me.  All these changed when I started my freelance work online.  There seemed to be no more extra time that can be allotted to doing “extra-curriculars”.  I’ve been freelancing at oDesk for eleven (11) months now, and in all those times, majority have been family, odesk, and….still, odesk.  Not once did I have the chance to hold anything pertaining to my hobbies .

But since January this year, I decided to “forget” my oDesk for a while to do one of those – watercolour painting.  I am also a neophyte in this aspect.  I found it to be an effective stress therapy and boredom cure.  There were times before, during summer, that  I’d bring my kids to a painting class, besides their weekly piano (for daughter) and violin (for son) lessons.  Altogether, we would learn basic drawing to still life painting using oil pastels.  I wanted them to continue with their art lessons every summer but every time, they would choose to try other things – taekwondo, aikido, ballet, badminton. They never got to concentrate in their drawing and painting, although their talents get manifested in their school activities.

I started watercolour painting early last year when I got inspired by my Aunt Lil, a retiree from the US. During one of my visits, I chanced upon my aunt painting in her roof deck.   I enjoyed watching her do the brush strokes.  It seemed very easy to paint beautiful flowers, scenes and still life. The “sleeping” artist side of me got stirred and wanted to try painting once again.  When she told me I can choose from among her many paintings to bring home, I literally “ransacked”  her  mini studio and took home a bagful.

Before I began watercolour painting, I searched the web for online lessons, downloaded ebooks, and bought painting materials, majority of those I got from “ukay-ukay” at P20-P50  (50cents-$1). I was able to come up with some of my very own paintings – a copy from my aunt’s throw pillow, a copy from my curtain, others from a picture I took at my mom-in-law’s garden, and still others from magazines.

Tita Nit's Throwpillow mountain ranges My curtain 1 1 9 hydrangea up close 8 pink lily 13 5

Even my children were again inspired to get back into painting.  Since summer is fast approaching, this will be a good recreation and boredom cure, and of course, as personalized gifts for birthdays and special occassions.  My children are more enterprising because they have started to contact their aunts, uncles and cousins to get orders (or to demand that they place orders or else!). Two of their aunts have placed a few for personalized cards, envelopes, and gift tags.  Oh, well….will I get commissions for providing the materials? I hope so….but, seeing them put their talents to good use is more than enough commission for me….



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