From Rugs to “Riches”



Do you remember the post about the funny side of my freelancing?

I was viewing the horizons from my veranda this afternoon….sipping my freshly brewed coffee “barako” which we call here in the city of pines, ” d’ kape native ” which I say is much better tasting than the instant decaffeinated, what more with the “pandesal con strawberry jam”…..yummy!

From the now more-spacious-house, I suddenly recalled how I struggled working on my oDesk assignments in the house we once lived, where I had to locate myself in one corner inside my daughter’s room, sitting on a rug indian seat position, just so I can have the quietness I need (my job then entails calling banks in the US).

We transferred to our new house in late January this year. I now have a much better workplace….with views and fresh air, and the comfort of a much larger space, in any part of the house where I choose to work…of course, not anymore seated on the floor but on a “throne” (I say, from rugs to riches, not necessarily in terms of money, but richer in seating comfort and work space I mean…haha!)

Our house is located at a subdivision which is quite far from the hustle and bustle of the downtown area. I can now work on my assignments in any corner of the house without worrying about the noise, although I don’t anymore do the calling job because I have been sort of “promoted” by the Employer. I now manage a team, having been entrusted with the responsibilities of a Project Manager. He also delegated to me the task of hiring service contractors and a lot other stuff. With this new set up, I hope to be more productive since I don’t anymore experience backpains caused by uncomfortable sitting position whenever I work on my assignments.

Day or night, I have the privilege of enjoying the scenery outside, from my workspace. While during daytime the view is refreshing, at nights the view from afar is enticing as lights from houses, street posts and vehicles transform the horizon into one that looks like a mountful of christmas trees with blinking lights, or like the nightsky full of stars. For me, this is a sight to behold, with the cool weather providing an even more peaceful feeling.

I can say that the fruits of my virtual labor contributed in part to the realization of this working comfort that I have now….having been able to fund from my oDesk earnings some of the finishing works on my very own house, and transition my working situation from “rugs to riches”……



4 thoughts on “From Rugs to “Riches”

    • You will!!! Tiyaga lang talaga….at ibagay mo ang jobs sa skills set mo para mas kampante kang magwork on the task, lalung-lalo na sa umpisa. God bless!!

  1. I really typed a long one and when I submitted it it gave me an error “The page cannot be displayed”. Ironic.

    So, you’re from Baguio then? Some pictures are familiar. I am from Baguio as well, but sad to say, working here in Manila. Good for you that you got what you deserve. I hope I could be like that to. I’ve been with ODesk for just a month. I know I still have a long way to go but I hope it will be like yours as well. You’re a good writer. I think it’s God’s purpose that I was guided to your site. I was just playing around with ODesk since I have limited access and you got my attention from Minimum Rates on Job Posts and Candidate List blog. Just imagine from all the people who wrote there, yours stood out.

    I can only see job openings but cannot apply, notification but cannot reply on an email. Ironic. I have limited access here at work. Now, at least I have something to do (read your blogs) during my freetime. I’m happy for you proving what you know is right (I think it is expected from someone from Baguio) even if it resulted to some unfortunate events. Having said enough, I just want you to know that I like your blogs and you have an instant fan. 🙂 Keep up your good work and take care of your kids .. kabagis 🙂

    • Hello Judith,
      Indeed, you’re a new found friend and you’re from Baguio as well…Welcome to oDesk kabsat. Good for you that you have a stable job….but, you can still get part time jobs at oDesk during your free time. I’m sure that you will soon be able to get assignments that you can work at home even for a few hours a day….something light so as not to interrupt with your day job. I would want to look at your odesk profile to check on your skill set but don’t have a link to it. I might have clients to whom I can recommend you to. You can send the link to my personal email if you feel like it. See you around my dear!

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