Who Really Is The Best Buyer?



Sometimes I realize that when I am engrossed with my oDesk  job, I work as if there’s no tomorrow, and I forget to take as much rest as I should.

Today till Easter Sunday, I will rest from my oDesk contracts.  I am not sharing any stories about  my oDesk milestones this time.   But what I’ve posted here are meaningful presentations that I have downloaded from a wonderful site I just visited. You won’t regret stopping by and viewing the slides, as these will show us who the BEST BUYER (now termed at employer) really is…..

He Is The One Who Said…


Aren’t we glad that we have the best employer in our lives?

Not only during the Holy Week but every moment in our lives,  may we appreciate His great love for us and reflect on….

What Jesus Said On The Cross

A blessed Easter to oDesk and to all oDeskers…..



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