Hello…Anybody home?



My! I feel like a stranger in my own .

It’s been 5 months since my last post in April.  So what happened since?

A lot!

Did I mention before that I make it a point to maintain at least 6 contracts?  When one ends, I scan the jobs board for job opportunities and always manage to get one brand new contract to replenish my cupboard of assignments.  Well….I still do that, but I guess I got very enthusiastic at pushing my skills to the limit and ended up adding 3 more…so, I have a total of 9 active contracts.  Enough reason to set aside my blog for a while?  You’re right….

Juggling from one job to another everyday and every week is more than enough reason to tire me that I don’t get enough time to organize my thoughts in writing an article to update my blog.

So, why am I here? It’s both good news and bad news.

Bad news is….two of my contracts got suspended.  I don’t know what’s wrong….but more often than not, its the employer not updating his payment methods with oDesk.  So, until such time that the employers update their payments, I cannot log and bill work time.  I may opt to continue working but the time logged  is not guaranteed as it will not be billed to the employer….that means, I will be working for free!  Sorry, but I don’t want to do that.

Okay now……whats the good news?

Well….that I have time to spare and I am writing here again!

I got lotsa things to share….tips…lessons learned….etc, etc, etc.  I’m sure you can pick up something useful to apply in your freelancing.  And one that I am very eager to share to you is the story on how I got all 3 jobs from a single employer, and another is on how I stood ground because I believe that I was in the right, and I was…and still another, is the odesk press opportunity which can become even better than being buzzworthy (although this is still nipped in the bud…if it gets to me, a big thanks! if not, all the same, I have a grateful heart).

But before that, allow me to greet myself…….HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!  Not only because I celebrated my wedding anniversary last September 6, but I realized I have been freelancing at oDesk for more than a year now.  I officially started logging hours at 10:09:26 PM last May 26, 2009, TuesdayMy struggles when I was yet a newbie came flashing in my mind.  How time flies……

I am very thankful that I found oDesk.  The past year of my freelancing had been very fruitful, not only in terms of virtual income, but also by the fact that I became more independent  and happy with the kind of  jobs that I do….plus, I learned a lot new stuff that I would not have had the chance to learn if I still have been working in the real world, with the same stuff everyday.

Oh, how I love the flexibility of working freelance on

In my next posts, we will start the ball rolling again….so, walk with me, as I travel down memory lane and recall what happened since my last post in April…



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