Curiousity Did Not Kill The Cat



Ever since I started earning on oDesk, I have always used my Payoneer debitcard for my fund withdrawals. Not only is it convenient but the exchange rate is more or less close to prevailing rates. I added Paypal as another payment method but never used it. I always get inquiries from fellow odeskers as to which of the two payment methods is the better one. While I can vouch for Payoneer, I was clueless as to Paypal, so I deemed it best to try it myself. For the first time, I tried withdrawing my week’s earnings from oDesk to Paypal.

Upon logging into my Paypal account and opting for withdrawal, I got this window:

I suddenly remembered some forum posts about a situation where the freelancer apparently failed to get his money as expected because there were discrepancies in his bank info.  In my case, my lastname as per bank records is “delos Reyes” while my Paypal account was “de los Reyes

Who would have thought that a character or even a space will matter a lot in this century?  Anyway, I wanted to play safe so I contacted Paypal Customer Support for the correction.  (Typographical errors are easier for Paypal to respond to unlike in those other complicated matters).

I logged into my account and started the fund withdrawal on October 12.  Since the amount is at least P7,000 then I am assured that there will be no withdrawal charges.  However, the exchange rate is lower than the prevailing rate that day.  I guess that’s the catch for the “freebie” withdrawal fee.

And then I wondered how many days it will take for the funds to reflect in my bank account. When I checked my bank balance after 3 days, I confirmed that the Paypal withdrawal was successful.  There was just about P80 deducted from the balance, maybe a charge by the bank.  I’m glad that I did not experience any problem with Paypal and got my hard earned money without fuss. Now, I have a proven alternative for withdrawing my earnings from oDesk.

Thanks, Paypal!



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