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Before I Was A Mom


Cheers to all mothers out there!

This morning, after receiving numerous text messages, FB comments and emails from relatives and friends I decided to create a new post.  And what subject matter am I considered an expert? Motherhood!  I’m sure that you and I agree, experience is the best teacher.  We may all have our ups and downs as far as motherhood is concerned, but each one of us has a unique story to tell.  Here’s mine:

I have been married to the man of my life for 20 years, that is, if we reckon from the date of my civil wedding, or 19 years if reckoned from my church wedding date (that’s why I wear two wedding bands!).  We are blessed with three wonderful children. My eldest and only boy just turned 18 last Friday.  The other two are age 15 and 10, both girls.  I have been a stay-at-home mom for the last 10 years.  I think this is the best and most fulfilling job, but is also the  most demanding.  Sometimes (or should we say most of the time?) it seems that 24/7 is not enough to manage the children and the home.  I used to divide my time between my family and my corporate job. It has been my dream to become a fulfilled professional, given my two university degrees – excelling in my field and at the same time keeping a happy home and family.  It was tough, especially without my husband with me all the time to manage the household and our growing children as he is working abroad most of the time. Thanks to skype and yahoo messenger for video calls, but there’s no substitute for the personal care that he can provide and the quality time spent together with the family. While my husband is out of the country, I am both father and mother.  I had to be reasonably tough as a father at the same time gentle as a mom in order to bring out the best in them, thereby maintaining a happy family life. From marketing to cooking to washing clothes to driving the kids to school to carpentry to simple electronic repairs to tutoring to fixing clogged pipes, I easily fit into my role as both dad and mom.

Before I was a mom, I never thought I am capable of all of these.  My children say I am a “supermom“.

At least now that I am earning-from-home through oDesk, I can still be very productive and get to apply my education and work experiences to earn an honest  living online.  Bonus point is that I already have the time I need to do other stuff that interests me since work time is very flexible to a freelancer.  At anytime, I can opt for a vacation, or do crafts making, cross stitching, watercolor painting, baking, reading, and gardening…..and blogging too!  It has been very fulfilling for me to be earning extra money while at home. Although I no longer have the privilege of receiving company paychecks and bonuses, and my 40 hours workweek in an office has now become 24/7 at home,  I am happy with this set-up of having more time with my family while earning the same amount of income.  In fact, now, I earn even more than I used to in the real corporate world because 1 day pay there (8 hours) can be earned in just 1 or 2 hours online.

I dedicate these sacrifices not only to my own family, but likewise to very important women of my life – my Mom and Mom-in-Law.

If there is a diploma for motherhood, a lot of us would have received one and even graduated with honors.  From conception to birth to their first word and first steps, and likewise to their own marriage, we mothers always have an important role.  From whom did we learn all these if not from our own mothers, with all their love, care and sacrifices.  We share this special day with them too.  To my Mom and Mother-in-law, happy mother’s day! I love you both….

Let me share excerpts from what I searched online on the topic:

I salute all moms who chose to work from home.




Sow A Good Seed and Reap Good Harvest


It’s Labor Day today (May 1)!  I congratulate all hardworking Pinoys including fellow freelancers from all over the world for giving your best!

Today is one of the rarest days that I don’t get to work on my contracts, simply because there is not much to do as all assigned tasks have been completed and that the other information I need to get going is yet to be sent to me.  I saw this as an opportunity to write a post and update my oDesk milestones.  It’s my second year as a freelancer on oDesk.  I became a member April 2009 and had my first job May 2009. Todate, I have established a really good reputation as a freelance professional, gotten numerous job offers, worked with quality employers, and still maintain numerous contracts on an ongoing basis.

Working remotely is quite a challenge.  From the initial job application, to the interview, to being able to convince the employer that you are the best choice for their job requirement, to working on every task and producing the required quality output on time.  I can’t be thankful enough to my employers who believed and continue to believe in my capabilities, and who put their utmost trust to somebody they have not met in person. They are likewise very happy to recommend or refer me to others. This is one factor that motivates me to do the best in every job, more so when the employers articulate their appreciation through an email or skype chat.

Employer from Ontario, Canada:

Employer from London thru the Project Manager from Poland, asked for references:

Employer from Florida, USA:

…and the result:

From a UK employer:

Employer from Idaho, USA:

Another employer also from London recommended me to a friend of his from Brighton, GB:

…and another UK client:

…and still another:

A big thanks to my previous and current employers.  Rest assured that I will continue to give my very best in every task assigned.