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Hi! My name is Verena D, Ate V or oDesk Mommy to my fellow freelancers.  Welcome to my blog.  I am a Filipina work-from-home mom and a member of the oDesk community of freelance professionals.  I am a mother of 3 wonderful kids (Haniel, Darla and Hannah), and wife to a loving husband, Arthur.  I would like to share my experiences as a freelancer, earning an honest living online.

I am a multitasking mom, balancing my online work with family responsibilities.  I have developed my system at time management really well since I began freelancing, getting numerous job offers from quality employers.

Before oDesk, I have been working as a corporate executive with a multinational company.  The need to be hands-on with my kids and being there every time they need me, be it personal or school related, required me to sacrifice a nice paying job to become a full time mom. I thought it was the end of my career and a waste of my 2 university degrees (Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor Commerce Major In Accounting), but I’m glad that I was given an opportunity to still offer my professional services working from home.  It was really a blessing that I found oDesk.

I hope to inspire you with my success story….“The Neophyte Freelancer”, a Buzzworthy article which was featured in the oDesk Blog (Part 1 and Part 2), Facebook, Twitter and a lot other sites which linked to the oDesk blog.

If you are so inclined, feel free to comment and share your freelancing experience, or subscribe to this blog. The only thing is, please post comments relevant to the topic. Love begets love, so let us be a blessing to others.

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For inquiries on how I can help your business, please feel free to send me an email at avhdh5962@odesk.com.

On a lighter side, I love the piano…although the piano doesn’t seem to like me.  But I love listening to instrumentals while working on my tasks.  I can say I also got some artistic talent, painting in watercolors.  I love gardening, cooking, and different crafts.  These activities, along with stationary biking, are good boredom cures and stress therapy.  I also love bringing my kids out of town, visiting relatives or engaging in worthwhile adventures.  The beauty of this is that I can bring my laptop and still have the opportunity to work online and earn while on vacation.

I just love the flexibility of freelancing!


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