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2 thoughts on “Newbie Corner

  1. hi, i am angelina martinez, i really want to be a full time mom but the thing is, i need to work away from them because of the nature of job i have right now….i am a lady guard, a solo parent of my 3 kids…. i really want to be with them all the time.i am working here at Quezon City and my kids are in Tanza Cavite.Gabriel 3 years old, Anjhelo 6 yrs old and jason now a 1st year college really needs my presence.I have only one month experience as CSR.please help me to become a freelancer co’z i think this is the only solution to my problem.thanks!

    • Hi Angeline, my apologies for very late reply. I hope by now you have gotten freelancer gigs to augment your needs. Just keep applying to jobs and be patient. Beef up your profile and submit a well crafted cover letter. Kudos to mom’s like you, for always thinking of the welfare of our children. Salute!

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