Before one is allowed to apply for jobs at oDesk, he must take and pass  the ORT (oDesk Readiness Test).  This is an open book exams which can be taken many times over.

odesk ort

odesk ort2

Here is a useful TIP on how to pass the ORT:

The ORT is an open book exams.  It is then a good strategy  to open two browser windows – one where you take the test, and the other one to search for the answers from the Help section of the oDesk system.

After taking the test, you will be provided with the summary of your scores in each category.  Take note of your answers (better yet, jot them down) so that you have a ready reference if there is a need for you to retake the exams.  It will also aid you as to what oDesk policy you should polish on in order to get to know the system better, as this will make you more confident in navigating the oDesk world.

See you at oDesk!

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