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My oDesk Debit Mastercard

My  oDesk debit Mastercard finally arrived!          mydebitcard

I’m ecstatic!  I received my oDesk debit Mastercard (powered by Payoneer today.  After having been approved June 4th, I will finally have the chance to use my debit card to taste the fruits of my virtual labor.

I started working online via oDesk on May 26, 2009, although I became a member in  April of the same year.  That means I got my first online job more than a month after.

I have tried searching the web for online jobs a year ago, but my frustrations caught on me due to articles I read about other peoples’ experiences of being scammed. Google online jobs and you will be presented with millions of websites offering and promising easy money as a freelancer. From what I’ve read, there are so many unscrupulous websites offering online jobs, promising big bucks earnings.  Some of these would claim that you can earn $5000-$10000 in a week or less, some even have the temerity to entice you to try their methods which will make you rich doing nothing but sit…..I repeat, you do nothing but sit back and relax and your money grows tremendously.  Can you believe that?  For the money greedy individual, these enticements are effective come-ons.  What they usually offer you is for you to invest some amount in membership then you will be led to a site or sent an email instructing where you can download their so called “secret weapon” at earning tons of cash.  They make it appear that there is no risk, since they offer free items valued at $$$$$$, with money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the product, at the same time keep the free items.  How will they do it?  You are asked to fill in electronic forms stating personal circumstances, then your payment method, usually credit card or Paypal account information.  Next, you receive email notification bearing download procedures and codes, then you can already access the “secret weapon” which are nothing but tons and tons of e-books of how-to’s.  Very convenient  isn’t it?  If you are not vigilant and give in to these scam maniacs, you’ll soon find out that you are being billed regularly for nothing but trash, since you can search on these topics in the web anyway, for free, as long as you want.

I nearly gave in to this system in one of the websites.  I filled out their form with my personal details, including my credit card details.  I was about to click on the submit button when my little girl suddenly called me for some assistance in installing anti-virus in her desktop.  That bid me some time to think if it was wise to subscribe.  Is it really possible to earn big bucks doing nothing but sleep, eat, travel leisurely, and at the same time your  virtual cash register keeps on filling with cash?  While that is the lifestyle that everybody aims for, those who are in that status worked really hard and made lots of sacrifices in order to attain their goal and state of life.  There’s nothing more fulfilling than earning your money the hard way,  that is, investing your time and energy in a job that reasonably pays you based on your output and performance.  Well, I prefer this method….slowly but surely, so to speak.

So, when I returned to my virtual desk I canceled the transaction.  And thanks to my little girl, Hannah.    My guardian angel did a good job by using my child to keep me from possible scam.  Sometimes, when our kids distract or disturb us at a time when we are deep into our jobs, we soon realize that such a disturbance is a blessing in disguise.